Evil Eye Lounge

It’s a drizzly Monday night, and Kat has just completed her first day working at the pasty shop.  As we slosh along the pavement toward the city centre we decide to start our English adventure off the way every adventure in England begins: with a drink.  Being the hip, young pups we are, we immediately stray from the traditional pint, and opt to pay a 5er for a entertainingly created cocktail.

Stat Sheet 1:
Evil Eye Lounge
42 Stonegate, York, YO1 8AS – 01904 640 002
Events: No info
Notes: Off-license, internet lounge, heated patio


Kat: I’ve been in England for about 30 hours and I’ve already worked a full 8 hour shift at the Cornish Pasty Bakery. After picking up Ron at the end of his shift, we set off to have a celebratory “I can’t believe we live here” drink. Ron wanted to take me to Evil Eye, a bar he talked about for over a year but that I’ve never been to. Inside, the decor is eclectic and warm. We manage to find a table by the bar, apparently no small feat as when we’ve come back from getting drinks another patron has tried to assume possession of our real estate. We decide to give up our seats and head for the patio. It’s raining but the patio is partially covered and there’s a fire in the middle. We sip our fancy drinks, catch up on our time spent apart, and imagine what will happen in the days to come.

I’ve been here before.  On the way in I linger a bit in the nifty off license, but don’t buy anything as usual.  The déjà vu is as thick as the daquiris they serve here as I officially start my 2ndtime living in this country.  I order a whiskey sour, not too extravagant, since I feel a bit bad for not getting a pint, though the money I paid for the drink still weighs more than the glass it came in.  I really enjoy this pub’s bohemian atmosphere and bar tricks, but the price keeps me out most of the time.  It’s a good place for 1 drink to start off a night out, or in our case, a year in England.



Already feeling a bit giddy from the booze, sugar and time zone, we decide our wallets won’t survive another round here and head off to cheaper pastures.  And there is plenty pasture to be had in this city!  As we stand to leave our 1st pub on this journey, Ron notes in Kat’s journal, “This is the start of something wonderful!”

Cheers x x


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