Leeds or bust! We ran and ran to catch the train, but missed it anyway. We adapted and found the next was leaving in 4 minutes – but stood on the wrong part of the platform and missed that too. The next train wasn’t for 30 minutes, but as luck would have it, York’s rail station has a pub!

Stat Sheet 4: Coopers
Station Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO24 1AY – 08721 077 077 (ref 333)
Events: No info
Notes: At the rail station

Kat: Coopers is exhausting; but that might have to do with the fact that we ran pretty much all the way there from across town. We find ourselves at the bar after missing our train, twice. I decide to placate the boys’ moods by buying everyone a shot. Ron buys a pitcher of beer as advertised on the flyer from our table. Unfortunately, the barman is new and doesn’t realise the pitcher is specially priced, so by the time we get our money and drinks sorted out we have turned what was supposed to be a leisurely 30 minutes in the pub into 15 minutes of rapid drinking and cheersing followed by a crisp jog to our platform. Overall, Coopers is an okay pub, suitable for those passing through. It lacks the charm of a city pub, though it tries with its black and white photos and stained glass room divider it just doesn’t hit the mark.


Ron: The only thing this pub really has going for it is its location. Our table is soaked in someone else’s drink, the barman was unfriendly and overcharged us. Coopers is the type of pub that looks like it is trying too hard to be a pub, you know the type? But once again the surly server won’t get us down as we are merely preparing ourselves for a night elsewhere.

Fortunately, the company is good and we lose ourselves in conversation. We clue in just in time to guzzle our pints, run out the door and jump on the next train. We’re thankful that we caught this one and didn’t have to wait any longer in the pub. For the record, Leeds was an exceptionally wild night!


Cheers x x



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