Blue Fly Lounge

It’s a regular weekday night and Ron’s housemates have suggested having a drink in town. Since we are not the kind of people to refuse a night out with friends, we agree. Kat brings along two of her housemates and they meet Ron et al in town at Blue Fly Lounge. This is somewhere neither of us has been before so they are keen to see what it’s all about. It’s smack in the middle of town, so at least we know there will be plenty of second choices if we aren’t down with the Lounge.

Stat Sheet 5: Blue Fly Lounge –
Events:  Cheap Drinks Sunday – Thursday

Kat: This place is small but it has a patio. Unfortunately, there is only seating for about 6 people. It is also expensive. I opt for a cocktail in lieu of a pint because I hope to finish quickly so we can move onto some place where we can all sit down. The Lounge appears to be split into two sections; where we are (a more casual area) and where no one seems to be (save for several mocking unused tables and chairs), a night club section. The stairs inside the club section are lit up with inviting LED lights, but after standing on the gold patio for twenty minutes a warm and cozy pub seems more tempting than a dance floor. We finish our drinks and head off in search of something more familiar. After a short walk through town, we find it…


Ron: At night this place turns on some thumpin’ techno beats, but we’re not here for that – seeing as it’s only 9pm.  The music is way too loud to have a conversation and we can barely order our drinks.  If it were about 3 hours later in the night I might understand the music, but no one here was partying just yet.  We have some good laughs on the patio before we bump off to the next pub, it’s too early for such a heavy vibe.  If I come here again it will be for the late show.


We’re not terribly thrilled with this bar so once everyone finishes their drinks we are happy to move on. The night is not over yet though, we head deeper into town to find our next watering hole. The good news is, we’re so ready for something else it will be hard not to like where we end up!

Cheers x x


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3 Responses to “Blue Fly Lounge”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hey guys! What a great idea for a blog!

    I’m loving reading it and I know you two are having just as much – scratch that: even more fun – experiencing it!

    Anyways, I hope you’re both doing well and having a great time abroad!

    We miss you here,


  2. Richard Says:

    it’s an online counter-strike gaming lounge in the day time…. if you’d prefer that ron ;)

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