The Golden Lion

After deciding that we’re probably just not Lounge people, we find our way to The Golden Lion pub a few streets over. This place is a little more what we’re used to. We walk into a bustling room filled with noise and people. There is a big table that just opened up; the foam is still settling in the old party’s empty glasses. We pull up a few extra seats and head over to the bar, one by one, to continue the night.

Stat Sheet 6: The Golden Lion, 9 Church Street, York, YO1 8BG – 01904 620 942
Notes: Pub

Kat: Walking up to the outside of this pub, I have a good feeling. It looks nice and inviting. It has an old traditional look to it but not like those hole-in-the-wall pubs where your pint probably comes with a side of tetanus. Our group today is quite big, made up of Ron and I, some of his housemates and some of mine. Despite being busy, we find a table big enough for all of us. We’re toward the rear of the pub so this seat gives us a view of the whole place. It’s big as far as pubs go. There is a second half-level to our right, looks like it’s for dining. There is a huge line at the bar but after waiting there a few minutes we realise it’s not really a line, just merely where the crowd has decided to gather. I guess it’s a convenient location if your drink runs out. It doesn’t take too long to get our pints, considering the crowd. We settle into our table and our night with friends. I like this place and I will come back.


Ron: This place is definitely more what we are looking for.  We cram into a table and the conversation starts to flow.  It seems like everyone in York prefers the Lion vibe over that of the Blue Fly Lounge, it’s a busy spot.  The bar is pretty cramped, so it takes awhile for everyone to return with their drinks.  We share some good stories and laughs, so many that I don’t really remember much about this pub.  Which was exactly what we were looking for.  I’ll definitely come back when I’m looking for a spot for a pint and a chat.

After starting out a bit shaky, the night ends well in this warm pub. The price is right and the place is cheery. We’re most certainly a pub breed. We definitely agree that this is one bar to revisit.


Cheers x x


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