Lendal Cellars

It’s been a week since our last pint together, so we decide to grab one with our dinner on a rare day off together.  Lendal Cellars is an old wine cellar, another 1 of those establishments that are astonishing to anyone from the colonies – for it’s age, beauty, and the ease in which the local population has turned it into a boozery.

Stat Sheet 7:
Lendal Cellars
Notes:  Converted, Pub, Food, Beer Garden

Kat: Ron and I have a day off work together. This does not happen often so we take the opportunity to cross off another bar from our list…Oh, and to spend some non-work related time together, of course. Lendal Cellars is a really cool place. It’s made from an old wine cellar that used to house the Lord Mayor’s wine collection. It’s still situated right next to the Lord Mayor’s Mansion but I guess the current resident has upgraded to a wine fridge. Today we get food and drinks. We buy a 2 for £10 meal deal and the barmaid is really polite and knowledgeable. She even helps us find the best pint for our pound. We’ve both been here before but the atmosphere and service keeps us coming back. It’s central location makes it a great stop on a night out.

Ron: Lendal Cellars is 1 of my favourite pub destinations.  There is a good sized patio with a snooker table for nice days, and a warm, brick tunnel interior for the drizzly ones.  The lunch menu features 2 good meals for £10, which is great for the pair of us on our pasty shop budgets.  The staff here are generally well mannered and efficient, and on this particular occasion the server gets extra points for her beautiful smile, which she shared generously.

This wasn’t our first trip into the Cellar (just the first time we took the photo) and it won’t be our last.  Lendal Cellars has been on our friend’s must-see lists for years – the reasonable prices and unique setting will keep us coming back when we need some familiar faces.
Cheers x x

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