The Hansom Cab

Ron was once told by a fellow student at the University of York, the best example of a local pub in the city centre was the Hansom Cab.  He doesn’t remember who this student was, but she was right.
Stat Sheet 9: Hansom Cab
Notes: Local

Kat: It’s been a long day of window shopping and walking for me and our friend Darrell but the time has come to pick up Ron after his shift at work. The three of us decide that it’s too early to call it a day so we head off to somewhere familiar; Hansom Cab. This place is nice, if not a little bit older than our usual haunts. The clientele is, shall we say, mature. Ron once described this place to me as “like Coronation Street in real life” so if you’ve seen that show, maybe it will help paint a picture. This particular day, it was quite busy. We stood around to drink our first pint (full pints for all of us) since we couldn’t find a seat. Later we found seats and had another round. There was some excitement in the pub as a customer spit on a rather burly bartender and then vomited while being chased out of the bar. That last sentence doesn’t make this pub sound as nice as it really is, but believe me, it’s a nice place. It has a lot of variety in terms of drink options, comfy seating, and a large floor plan, so even if you can’t snag a seat you don’t feel in the way while standing.

Ron: There is no mistaking your exact location on the globe when you’re in here – this is what a Canuck expects every pub to be like in England.  The pint of Samuel Adams hovers around £1.80, and is always refreshing.  Here in Proper England, the men have their pints, and the ladies their half pints.  The pub always seems full, but today we are lucky and get the luxurious armchairs at the back.  We settle in and our single pints easily flow into a 2 hour stay, accompanied by 2 more pints, of course.

It’s not uncommon for younger patrons to feel a bit uneasy in this pub, the average age in attendance being about 50.  Still, the well priced pint, charming English atmosphere, and not-so-charming-but-quite-large barman make this a favourite stop of ours.
Cheers x x

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