Vodka Revolution

Tucked behind an ancient church is a wholly different shrine: a colourful tribute to vodka.  The congregation here is much younger than you would expect to find next door, and all of them are being fueled by a love of sugar and alcohol.
Stat Sheet 10: Vodka Revolution
Events: Tuesday – Student Night
Notes: Club Card, Bar, Food

Kat: After a long struggle to simply leave Ron’s house we are on our way to meet one of my housemates at Vodka Revolution. Vodka Rev’s, as it’s known, is hidden off a main street in town and next to a restaurant called Orgasmic (but that’s a different kind of blog). It’s amazing during the day (they have the best salad ever) and it’s pretty good at night, too. After several texts we meet up with my housemate and drink and dance the night away. I order a round of variously flavoured vodka shots for everyone (a house specialty) and then we settle into our regular pints. This place has a good mix of seating and dancing (and even seating on the dance floor) so it can suit everyone’s mood. It’s a little bit on the expensive side but they offer a discount card, which really does get you great deals (like 2 for 1 meals and discounted booze) so it’s worth the investment.

Ron: I have to be really drunk to enjoy a place like this.  The music is too loud for talking, the bar is as crowded as a Tokyo subway, and it’s full of first year students.  To be fair, I was once a first year myself, but even then I mostly drank the lager – these kids are running on C6H12O6 and C2H5OH.  During the day though, there are some good deals on food, especially if you’re a card carrying member.  The best feature of this bar is a patio which overlooks the river, and, at the risk of sounding further removed from that first year than I am, a quiet afternoon cocktail by the water is really quite nice.

Once the booming music became too much we headed for the door.  Walking past this bar’s ancient neighbour (yet another church) in a boozy haze is another truly English experience – although something tells me that the English were walking by in boozy hazes even before it was ancient.

Cheers x x

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3 Responses to “Vodka Revolution”

  1. Darrell Says:

    i am so pleased about being in the very edge of the photo for this place!!! woop de woop! xx

  2. Darrell Says:

    and i’m loving the science bit added by the ron.

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