Mecca Bingo

As a joke, Kat and some of our friends went to Bingo.  They came back changed people, and demanded a second visit, this time dragging Ron along.  This isn’t really a pub, bar, or club, but you can buy beer as you dab off your numbers, so we decided to review it anyway.
Stat Sheet 12: Mecca Bingo
Events: Bingo
Notes: Food, Prizes

Kat: It’s bingo time. While perhaps, this does not classify as a pub, we decide that since they sell alcohol we will include it in our count. I am sweating. Ron and I walked here so fast it may have even been classified as a jog. Mecca Bingo is a great night out; you get to drink, hang out with friends, and potentially win money. Today happened to be cheap night. We got double the chances to win for only 85p more! Ron and I share a pitcher of Foster’s, nothing special, but it’s good and the night is fun. Dabbing a card is surprisingly intense work, I can feel my heart racing as I’m only one number away from winning 20, 000£! Come on 8! The caller says 8….ty 8. 88. Damn. I didn’t win, someone else calls bingo. And my dreams of quitting my job and buying a Vespa are gone before they even started. Later, my housemate Dan does win a cheeky 5£ and uses it to buy a take-away pizza at the end of the night. Not too shabby. And that knocks another stop off the list.

Ron: Mecca Bingo is truly a mecca for bingo.  Compared with parking lot and community hall bingo in Canada, this monstrous building dwarfs our little operations.  You even need a membership card just to enter (free, with complimentary energy efficient light bulbs).  The pace is so fast you can only play one card, and that card is completely alien if you’re a North American.  Once I got the hang of it I was able to keep up.  The pitchers of Fosters are a good deal though, and makes the whole experience a lot more bearable.

Mecca Bingo isn’t a traditional pub by any sense of the word, but the population of York residents with their arses parked here (compared with those arses parked in their local pubs) obdiently marking off numbers suggests that in another 100 years, it will be.

Cheers x x

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