Kat’s got the day off, Ron has just finished his shift, it’s time for a pint.
Stat Sheet 13: Thomas’ Bar
Notes: Pub

Kat: I popped into work to say hi to Ron just as he was finishing his shift, so naturally we took the opportunity to grab a pint and knock a few other pubs off the list. Ron took me somewhere new to me, and somewhere slightly further from the city centre, thereby opening a whole new area of town for us. This is place is nice, it’s set on several different mini levels. There is a step or two down from the initial entrance into a foyer with seating. Another few steps down and off to the side is the bar; Ron and I each grab a pint (a lager for me, and bartender’s choice of ale for him). We then venture even further down to a nice booth in the corner. Beside our table there are more stairs, this time a full staircase going up; however, it looks a little off limits. This bar is pretty empty at the moment, but it’s only 4 o’clock. Ron and I decide to see what else is in this end of town, so we finish our pints and head out.
Ron: I was brought here by a friend once before, on a night that the place was filled with the loud dobstep pumps.  My second visit reveals a quiet, cozy pub.  The barman pours what is probably the most expertly pulled pint of John Smith’s I have ever had.  Kat and I suffer a bit of confusion from the rapidly changing music when the locals were fiddling with the jukebox, but other than that, our experience here was relaxing.

One pub was definitely not going to be enough for that evening, and although the place was nice there wasn’t really a catch to make us stay.  We packed up and headed off without any fuss.
Cheers x x

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