Punch Bowl

Our last stop of the night is a gorgeous old building nestled in the middle of the city. This bar has been a bar since the 1400s. It’s got an interesting history, which you can read about on the back of their menu! The architecture is in the tudor style, and at the time was colloquially referred to as “brewery tudor” (or what Kat likes to call “Brewdor”) because it was a common style for brew houses in the 15th century.

Stat Sheet 15: Punch Bowl

Kat: I’m starving and we found a pub that is still serving food. I’m in the mood for fish and chips and this place has a well priced option. I go up to the bar to order my food and pint, the table markers here are little wooden spoons with an order number burned into it. The food arrives in good time and it definitely hits the spot. Ron shares my chips, but not after a long and classic struggle with the Heinz ketchup bottle. This pub is nice and cozy, but not unlike many places I’ve been before.
Ron: I didn’t find anything special about this pub.  It was very quiet and chilly.  Nothing else stood out.

After 3 pubs, we decide to call it a night. As Ron and I walk in opposite directions to our respective homes, we make mental notes of all the pubs we see along the way, and start planning future nights on the town.
Cheers x x

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