Hello readers (if there are any of you left out there),

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted any new pubs in, oh, over a year. Well, things got a little crazy when Ron and Kat returned from Canada after Christmas 2009. Neither of us had our jobs at the bakery any more and because of this we decided to take a break from blogging to focus on job searching. Well, turns out jobs were not all that easy to come by and Ron ended up leaving the city to find one. And so, unfortunately, our pub-going stopped as well.

But, one year and several weeks later, Kat has decided to just publish the posts we have already written and then add any new ones that she visits from now on. Kat is going back to Canada in 3.5 months and Ron, well, he’s already back! So, our sign off pictures might have a few unfamiliar faces but hopefully the reviews will remain just as fun as ever!

Thanks for sticking with us over this well extended hiatus; see you at the pub!

Kat & Ron


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