The Old White Swan

It’s a few days into December and we are both getting ready to head back to Canada for a couple weeks. Since it’s Ron’s last day of work at the pasty shop and he’s heading out of town after his shift, we thought we’d make an early pub visit today.

Stat Sheet 16: Old White Swan
Events: Live Music
Notes: TV, Wifi

Kat: This entry is a little unconventional, for us at least. It’s 10 AM and even we aren’t about to get a pint now. We are getting breakfast and it comes with a free hot drink. The entrance is a nice gated patio with the bar’s moniker arching over top. As soon as we sit down we hear Frank Sinatra crooning a Christmas tune, this place can’t be bad. Ron orders our meals and we melt into the cushioned seats and holiday atmosphere. Our table marker is a mini wine barrel; how I do love miniature versions of things. This pub is big and spacious. Even at this early hour there are a fair number of other patrons already settled in, although, not all of them resisting the pints like we are. I like this pub for afternoon or early evening drinks. The vibe doesn’t say night time hang out, to me, but I like it and I am comfortable here.

Ron: Canada here we come!  Of course, it would be wrong without saying goodbye to some of York’s pubs.  I want to be prepared for my last day of work, and a hearty full English is the way forward.  I’ve been past this place many times, and have always thought it looked nice inside.  I’m not disappointed on this chilly morning, the Old White Swan’s atmosphere is warm and inviting.  The service is friendly, and the barmaid seems more fazed by our Canadian accents than the fact that she is serving Guinness before lunch.  The food is a bit above average, and the warm drinks are a great way to prepare for my last day on the job.  I hope to come back here for lunch in the new year, though it’s probably not a great destination for a night on the town.

Feeling full and prepared to face the day, we depart, bidding the cheerful patrons good-day.  The work day has begun, though after the sun sets we plan on scouting out some new locations before we head back to Canada.
Cheers x x


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