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Vodka Revolution

December 11, 2009

Tucked behind an ancient church is a wholly different shrine: a colourful tribute to vodka.  The congregation here is much younger than you would expect to find next door, and all of them are being fueled by a love of sugar and alcohol.
Stat Sheet 10: Vodka Revolution
Events: Tuesday – Student Night
Notes: Club Card, Bar, Food

Kat: After a long struggle to simply leave Ron’s house we are on our way to meet one of my housemates at Vodka Revolution. Vodka Rev’s, as it’s known, is hidden off a main street in town and next to a restaurant called Orgasmic (but that’s a different kind of blog). It’s amazing during the day (they have the best salad ever) and it’s pretty good at night, too. After several texts we meet up with my housemate and drink and dance the night away. I order a round of variously flavoured vodka shots for everyone (a house specialty) and then we settle into our regular pints. This place has a good mix of seating and dancing (and even seating on the dance floor) so it can suit everyone’s mood. It’s a little bit on the expensive side but they offer a discount card, which really does get you great deals (like 2 for 1 meals and discounted booze) so it’s worth the investment.

Ron: I have to be really drunk to enjoy a place like this.  The music is too loud for talking, the bar is as crowded as a Tokyo subway, and it’s full of first year students.  To be fair, I was once a first year myself, but even then I mostly drank the lager – these kids are running on C6H12O6 and C2H5OH.  During the day though, there are some good deals on food, especially if you’re a card carrying member.  The best feature of this bar is a patio which overlooks the river, and, at the risk of sounding further removed from that first year than I am, a quiet afternoon cocktail by the water is really quite nice.

Once the booming music became too much we headed for the door.  Walking past this bar’s ancient neighbour (yet another church) in a boozy haze is another truly English experience – although something tells me that the English were walking by in boozy hazes even before it was ancient.

Cheers x x

Blue Fly Lounge

November 30, 2009

It’s a regular weekday night and Ron’s housemates have suggested having a drink in town. Since we are not the kind of people to refuse a night out with friends, we agree. Kat brings along two of her housemates and they meet Ron et al in town at Blue Fly Lounge. This is somewhere neither of us has been before so they are keen to see what it’s all about. It’s smack in the middle of town, so at least we know there will be plenty of second choices if we aren’t down with the Lounge.

Stat Sheet 5: Blue Fly Lounge –
Events:  Cheap Drinks Sunday – Thursday

Kat: This place is small but it has a patio. Unfortunately, there is only seating for about 6 people. It is also expensive. I opt for a cocktail in lieu of a pint because I hope to finish quickly so we can move onto some place where we can all sit down. The Lounge appears to be split into two sections; where we are (a more casual area) and where no one seems to be (save for several mocking unused tables and chairs), a night club section. The stairs inside the club section are lit up with inviting LED lights, but after standing on the gold patio for twenty minutes a warm and cozy pub seems more tempting than a dance floor. We finish our drinks and head off in search of something more familiar. After a short walk through town, we find it…


Ron: At night this place turns on some thumpin’ techno beats, but we’re not here for that – seeing as it’s only 9pm.  The music is way too loud to have a conversation and we can barely order our drinks.  If it were about 3 hours later in the night I might understand the music, but no one here was partying just yet.  We have some good laughs on the patio before we bump off to the next pub, it’s too early for such a heavy vibe.  If I come here again it will be for the late show.


We’re not terribly thrilled with this bar so once everyone finishes their drinks we are happy to move on. The night is not over yet though, we head deeper into town to find our next watering hole. The good news is, we’re so ready for something else it will be hard not to like where we end up!

Cheers x x

The Parish

November 25, 2009

Ron promised our friend a night out in York for her birthday. For anyone under 25, that likely means predrinking and then a trip down Micklegate Run. Typically, it’s easier to start at the top of the run and work your way down (since the road is at a 30 degree angle). Unfortunately Kat has to work the early shift the next day, so we start at the bottom where she can make a quick exit and leave us to climb our way up. For a Canadian, The Parish is almost a little shocking. Old buildings are so rare they are almost always historical sites – this one is a bar. A transformed 11th century medieval church hosts this interesting establishment. As if The Parish was only interested in giving the outward appearance of a church, the inside is completely decked out in art-deco lighting and furnishings – it’s easy to forget that this once used to be a place of worship.

Stat Sheet 3: The Parish
2 Micklegate, York, YO1 6LG – 01904 643424
Events: No info
Notes: Micklegate Run, Notable

Kat: This is so awesome. A church converted into a bar. Only in England, a place so overrun with churches and old buildings that the only solution is to transform one into a den of sin! This time Ron and I aren’t alone, we’ve come with friends and made the night into a birthday party. While Ron and the others are downing Jagerbombs and party shots, I take pictures and sip my pint. I have to work in the morning so I’m keeping my partying to a modest level. Ron and I take our now traditional “look, we’re in a pub together” snapshot, I finish my beer and call a cab. At this point I’ve only been living in England for 3 days so I have no idea where I am or how to get home, so a cab seems like the best solution. Ron and company wave me goodbye and carry on for more birthday fun.

Ron: Even though I’m not particularily religious, I can’t help but feel a bit blasphemous downing a Jager-bomb in church. Still, we are at a birthday party, so bottoms up! I must admit, the going price for those dangerous little drinks here was a pretty good one for being made with Red Bull and not some knock-off. We’re all in a good mood, ready for a night out, but the barmaid seems a little irked she had to pull herself out of the back room to provide us our beverages. We reward her bitter attitude by having her pour us a round of pints in addition to the shots, after which she pouts into some crisps as we grab a seat. The girls are supremely impressed by the sinks in the bathroom, and I take that as a cue to leave.

The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” comes on the speakers and we make quick work of our pints, we know tonight is gonna be a good night, no matter the barmaid’s mood! We call a cab for Kat, and wait outside an old church for it to arrive. We sadly bid her adieu, before the rest of us march up the street to the next stop on Micklegate.
Cheers x x