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The Old White Swan

January 12, 2011

It’s a few days into December and we are both getting ready to head back to Canada for a couple weeks. Since it’s Ron’s last day of work at the pasty shop and he’s heading out of town after his shift, we thought we’d make an early pub visit today.

Stat Sheet 16: Old White Swan
Events: Live Music
Notes: TV, Wifi

Kat: This entry is a little unconventional, for us at least. It’s 10 AM and even we aren’t about to get a pint now. We are getting breakfast and it comes with a free hot drink. The entrance is a nice gated patio with the bar’s moniker arching over top. As soon as we sit down we hear Frank Sinatra crooning a Christmas tune, this place can’t be bad. Ron orders our meals and we melt into the cushioned seats and holiday atmosphere. Our table marker is a mini wine barrel; how I do love miniature versions of things. This pub is big and spacious. Even at this early hour there are a fair number of other patrons already settled in, although, not all of them resisting the pints like we are. I like this pub for afternoon or early evening drinks. The vibe doesn’t say night time hang out, to me, but I like it and I am comfortable here.

Ron: Canada here we come!  Of course, it would be wrong without saying goodbye to some of York’s pubs.  I want to be prepared for my last day of work, and a hearty full English is the way forward.  I’ve been past this place many times, and have always thought it looked nice inside.  I’m not disappointed on this chilly morning, the Old White Swan’s atmosphere is warm and inviting.  The service is friendly, and the barmaid seems more fazed by our Canadian accents than the fact that she is serving Guinness before lunch.  The food is a bit above average, and the warm drinks are a great way to prepare for my last day on the job.  I hope to come back here for lunch in the new year, though it’s probably not a great destination for a night on the town.

Feeling full and prepared to face the day, we depart, bidding the cheerful patrons good-day.  The work day has begun, though after the sun sets we plan on scouting out some new locations before we head back to Canada.
Cheers x x



December 18, 2009
Kat’s got the day off, Ron has just finished his shift, it’s time for a pint.
Stat Sheet 13: Thomas’ Bar
Notes: Pub

Kat: I popped into work to say hi to Ron just as he was finishing his shift, so naturally we took the opportunity to grab a pint and knock a few other pubs off the list. Ron took me somewhere new to me, and somewhere slightly further from the city centre, thereby opening a whole new area of town for us. This is place is nice, it’s set on several different mini levels. There is a step or two down from the initial entrance into a foyer with seating. Another few steps down and off to the side is the bar; Ron and I each grab a pint (a lager for me, and bartender’s choice of ale for him). We then venture even further down to a nice booth in the corner. Beside our table there are more stairs, this time a full staircase going up; however, it looks a little off limits. This bar is pretty empty at the moment, but it’s only 4 o’clock. Ron and I decide to see what else is in this end of town, so we finish our pints and head out.
Ron: I was brought here by a friend once before, on a night that the place was filled with the loud dobstep pumps.  My second visit reveals a quiet, cozy pub.  The barman pours what is probably the most expertly pulled pint of John Smith’s I have ever had.  Kat and I suffer a bit of confusion from the rapidly changing music when the locals were fiddling with the jukebox, but other than that, our experience here was relaxing.

One pub was definitely not going to be enough for that evening, and although the place was nice there wasn’t really a catch to make us stay.  We packed up and headed off without any fuss.
Cheers x x

The Maltings

November 23, 2009

We decide one more drink is needed before our first night is over, and that it must be a pint of something – not another cocktail. So we head to a pub recommended by our new employer who has a taste for barley and hops. When we arrive at The Maltings after another soggy trip across town we recieve just enough sideways glares from some of the older patrons to know that this is one of England’s ‘local’ pubs. The mood isn’t exactly welcoming, and some performers are wrapping up what appears to be a fairly unsuccessful gig. The barman hastily pours us two pints of lager that is 50p cheaper anywhere else, and we find ourselves a small table and tiny stools which we hope are out of the way.

Stat Sheet 2:
The Maltings
Tanners Moat, York YO1 1HU – 01904 655387
Events: Tuesday – Live Music
Notes: Food


Kat: A cocktail at Evil Eye was fun but it’s time for a pint. We head to a place called The Maltings, situated behind the train station. This place is definitely a lot more traditional than our first stop. It’s got low ceilings and wood everything. There’s a band playing Bob Dylan covers, too bad for me they just ended their set. Not minutes after we take our first sips we hear the dreaded last call warning. We take that to mean there will be no more ordering, but as we chat and drink our pints of beer the bartender actually comes to table and tells us to leave. Oops, I guess last call is a little more urgent over here. We drink our pints a little faster than intended and make our exit onto the dark streets, ready to end our first night out as citizens of England.


Ron: Being a pub renowned for its selection of beer and ale, we honestly should have opted to try one of the guest taps. However, after breaking the bank at Evil Eye I was looking for something familiar – dear to the heart but not the wallet. Nothing is more familiar to a Canadian than cheap lager, and I find myself often choosing it on wet nights, even though the bartenders in England become instantly less friendly after you request a pint of Fosters. I was a bit dismayed when our two pints of watered-down Australian water came to nearly the same price as our fancy drinks in the city centre. Savingly, this pub had an old dog (one of those that you know was a good dog) which was now peacefully watching the last months of her life from her post on the floor.

Before we even had a chance to finish our pints, we, as well as everyone else, were loudly asked to leave. It was only 10:30! We’re both still not used to the funny hours the British insist on operating their services. We guzzled down our last sips, marking this pub safely off the list of our very own potential locals.


Cheers x x