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Guy Fawkes Inn

December 21, 2009
The next stop on this mini-crawl is the birthplace of none other than the infamous Guy Fawkes.  The Brits recognized this fact and decided that, of course, it is the perfect place to install a pub.
Stat Sheet 14: Guy Fawkes Inn, 25 High Petergate, York, YO1 7HP – 0845 460 2020
Notes: Food

Kat: A lot of pubs look the same at first; dark wood details including big wooden pillars and other structures obscuring your way to the bar, exposed beams on the ceiling, and ales. Ales are always featured highly in pubs, so much so that I almost feel bad asking for a lager. After Ron orders the house ale, I sheepishly ask the bartender for a lager; the first one he tries to pour me runs dry. He moves on to a different one that also malfuntions. My last option is Beck’s, which I go for, and he pours me a pint. Wait, that’s not a pint. That’s a half pint. He poured me a half pint. What’s the big idea? I ordered my beer the same way that Ron did, he got a full pint and I got a half-pint?! Damn you, northern England and your stereotypes! I can drink a full pint with the best of them! I’ll show you Guy Fawkes Inn, I’ll show you by going to a different pub right now…

Ron: The barman is a friendly local, who pours me a nice pint of Guy Fawkes Ale.  The names of English ales always confuse me a bit, as I can distinguish nothing about this pint that relates to Guy Fawkes, other than the fact I am drinking it in a pub with his name.  It’s a decent enough brew, but I might as well be drinking something cheaper. This pub’s particular location only seems to serve to increase the prices ever so slightly.  We don’t venture deeper into the pub, and leave once we’ve finished.

We part with Guy Fawkes’ birthplace, the desire to enact violent change has not been instilled within us.  Kat was starving by the time we left, so we set out in search of fish and chips.  Sadly, the nearest fish and chip shop recently suffered a grease fire, so we trudged along the streets uncertain where to look.  Fortunately, we are in England, somewhere will surely be able to serve us this classic English standby.
Cheers x x


December 18, 2009
Kat’s got the day off, Ron has just finished his shift, it’s time for a pint.
Stat Sheet 13: Thomas’ Bar
Notes: Pub

Kat: I popped into work to say hi to Ron just as he was finishing his shift, so naturally we took the opportunity to grab a pint and knock a few other pubs off the list. Ron took me somewhere new to me, and somewhere slightly further from the city centre, thereby opening a whole new area of town for us. This is place is nice, it’s set on several different mini levels. There is a step or two down from the initial entrance into a foyer with seating. Another few steps down and off to the side is the bar; Ron and I each grab a pint (a lager for me, and bartender’s choice of ale for him). We then venture even further down to a nice booth in the corner. Beside our table there are more stairs, this time a full staircase going up; however, it looks a little off limits. This bar is pretty empty at the moment, but it’s only 4 o’clock. Ron and I decide to see what else is in this end of town, so we finish our pints and head out.
Ron: I was brought here by a friend once before, on a night that the place was filled with the loud dobstep pumps.  My second visit reveals a quiet, cozy pub.  The barman pours what is probably the most expertly pulled pint of John Smith’s I have ever had.  Kat and I suffer a bit of confusion from the rapidly changing music when the locals were fiddling with the jukebox, but other than that, our experience here was relaxing.

One pub was definitely not going to be enough for that evening, and although the place was nice there wasn’t really a catch to make us stay.  We packed up and headed off without any fuss.
Cheers x x


December 14, 2009
In a regal looking building on Victoria Square, Harker’s looms like an old bank.  There is a distinct impression that, like a bank, you need money to walk through the heavy front doors. Having just finished 9 hour shifts, we brave it.
Stat Sheet 11: Harker’s

Kat: Care for a pint after work? Yes, I do. Ron and I literally choose the first pub we see after running our final work errand of the day. Inside, we walk straight to the bar and order a pint. I am hungry for dinner since I worked through supper time without eating. I purchase one of the mini “bar bites” offerings of chips for a nominal fee. Ron and I grab a seat in the window, overlooking Victoria Square (the soon-to-be home of the town Christmas tree). I remember that I got a text while we were leaving work, I check it, it’s from my housemate. He’s reminding me that we have Tuesday night standing plans to go to bingo. I tell Ron and he’s unconditionally into the idea. We down our pints much faster than expected and power walk to the bingo hall in record time…
Ron: I keep it simple and order a pint of John Smith’s thinking I would have time to sit an enjoy a slow pint.  This pub is as regal inside as it is out, and I always feel like a bit of an imposter here.  The bar staff are just friendly enough to rush Kat’s chips when we find out she had already made plans for the evening and need to rush out, to bingo of all places.  I begrudgingly sip my pint quickly, lest I make us miss the first round at Mecca.

Harker’s is a mainstay of the Pasty Shop after-work drinks, with many of the company’s social nights there.  The loyalty probably comes from the fact that although the pub isn’t amazing, there is simply nothing to complain about, and it beats searching out a more unfamiliar pub.
Cheers x x